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Life Safety Course Information and Registration

Here you can access upcoming course information and register online for employer-sponsored training.  Be sure to read and understand the information below before agreeing to the terms and proceeding.

2018 Life Safety Courses Are Being Posted Daily


Employee Eligibility

MultiCare will pay employee course tuition once every two years for Life Safety Courses that are required by the employee’s job description or the Basic CPR and Advanced Life Support policy. Please refer to the Advanced Life Support Eligibility Grid before registering for Advanced Life Safety Courses.  If your department is not included on this grid, MultiCare will not pay for your class and you must pay out-of-pocket.   Agency Staff, non-required MHS Employees, and General Public may register for any course and pay tuition out-of-pocket during registration.  

Check Eligibility Here: Advanced Life Support Eligibility Grid

Employee Registration Requires

Employees MUST enter a unique PROMO CODE during online registration to avoid paying out-of-pocket for Life Safety Courses that are required by the employee's job description.  BEFORE PROCEEDING, contact your immediate supervisor to obtain a unique promo code to enter during online registration.

Agency Staff, non-required MHS Employees, and General Public may register online for Life Safety Courses at anytime by paying out-of-pocket.  An online registration promo code is not required.

Employee Textbooks

Employees requests for textbooks by internal mail must be received by email at least five (5) days prior to the start of a course.   Otherwise, Employees may pick up textbooks at MultiCare Institute for Learning and Development (ILD) located on 5th Floor Commencement Wing of Tacoma General Hospital Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.  To request a textbook email: ILD@multicare.org

All course participants will have the opportunity to purchase textbooks and supporting course materials during registration.    Purchased textbooks and supporting course materials will be shipped and arrive within five  (5) business days.  To have textbooks and supporting course materials delivered on the day of the course, select "Pickup" during purchase.

Employee 24 Hour Course Cancellation Policy

Employees are required to cancel a scheduled course at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the course start time.   Notice of cancellation intent must be submitted by email to info@newcastletraining.com or voicemail to 1-877-488-9990.   Please include your name, employee ID number, course title, and course date. 

MultiCare will not authorize payment for an additional course for employees whom this course is required if this policy is not followed.


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