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First Aid training and First Aid CPR AED training provides you with the skills and expertise to respond effectively in emergency situations.  Our Heartsaver First Aid classes and Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED classes are ideal for people with limited or no previous medical training. 

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We offer First Aid training in Seattle, Tacoma, and Eastside locations, including Puyallup, Covington,  Kirkland, and online.

We all take measures to prevent injuries, but accidents happen.  How prepared are you to deal with medical emergencies at your job, school or home?  Comprehensive and practical first aid training can give you the critical skills to respond to and manage an emergency quickly and calmly, until emergency medical services can be accessed or emergency medical personnel arrive at the scene. 

Whether you are taking a first aid class as a requirement for your job or just to be prepared, knowing how to respond and manage medical emergencies is an important skill. Knowing first aid empowers you to give assistance to someone who is suffering from a sudden injury or illness, so that you can make then well again, prevent their condition from worsening, or potentially save their life.  

Our first aid courses cover how to manage bleeding (external), sprains, broken bones, shock, wound care and other first aid emergencies.  And, our Heartsaver first aid classes are designed to meet OSHA regulations.  Our instructors will guide you through various scenarios and provide you with the most up-to-date emergency treatment instructions.  We will provide expert advice and practical information for common emergencies.  

Our Heartsaver First Aid certification classes will cover:

  • the basics of first aid
  • how to identify and respond to medical emergencies
  • how to appropriately respond to injury emergencies
  • how to respond to environmental emergencies


Our Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED certification classes will cover:

  • all of the above covered in our Heartsaver First Aid class plus
  • how to perform high quality CPR
  • how and when to use an AED, or automated external defibrillator 


Convenient First Aid Classes

We offer a variety of options to complete your First Aid training and certification.  We provide classes in person, online and at your location.  

Newcastle Training offers classes at the following locations for your convenience: Seattle First Aid classes, Kirkland First Aid classes, Bellevue First Aid classes, Tacoma First Aid classes, Puyallup First Aid classes, Covington First Aid classes, Everett First Aid classes, Olympia First Aid classes, Auburn First Aid classes.  

All our First Aid and First Aid CPR AED certification classes are taught by experienced medical professionals who are engaging and experts in their field.  Students who attend the in-person training have the opportunity to participate in group interactions and hands-on training with direct instructor feedback. 

Our online classes offer the flexibility for you to take the training from home, at your own pace.  

We also have the option of providing classes at your location.  Contact us to schedule a Heartsaver First Aid training or Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED training for your workplace or organization. 

Be prepared and get trained in First Aid and First Aid CPR AED.

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