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Trauma Nurse Core Course, TNCC, empowers nurses with the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and hands-on training to provide expert care for trauma patients.  Hospitals and trauma centers worldwide depend on TNCC for the foundational skills and training to provide expert care to the critical patient.

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Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) is a standardized and interactive 2-day course recognized worldwide for providing RNs with the cognitive knowledge and psychomotor skills to provide expert care for trauma patients.  It presents the fundamentals of an organized and prioritized approach to the care of trauma patients by incorporating the latest evidenced-based knowledge and technological advances.  Course content is presented through lectures, online materials, and interactive skills stations.  Core content includes:

  • Trauma Nursing Overview and Epidemiology
  • Trauma Care and Teamwork
  • Biomechanics, Kinematics, and Mechanisms of Injury
  • Initial Assessment
  • Airway and Ventilation, Pain, and Shock Management
  • Brain, Cranial, Maxillofacial, and Ocular Trauma
  • Neck, Spinal, Thoracic, and Vertebral Column Trauma
  • Abdominal and Pelvic Trauma
  • Musculoskeletal Trauma
  • Special Populations Trauma: Pregnant, Pediatric, Geriatric, Bariatric and Interpersonal Violence 
  • Burn and Surface Trauma
  • Psychosocial Aspects of Trauma Care
  • Disaster Management
  • Transition of Care for the Trauma Patient
  • Emergent Post Resuscitation Care

RN participants will receive a 4-year ENA TNCC verification provider card upon successful completion of a written and skills performance evaluation.  Non-RNs may audit the course and will receive contact hours based on hours attended.  Tuition includes a Seventh Edition ENA TNCC Provider Manual that will be issued thirty days prior to the start of the course by mail or inter-office mail.  

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In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, please advise during registration in the course comments if you have any disability that requires special materials and/or services so that appropriate personnel can be advised.

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Newcastle Training’s Trauma Nurse Core Course is designed to provide foundational nursing knowledge to improve the care of all trauma patients.  This 2 day course combines interactive learning with scenario-based assessments to give nurses a comprehensive learning experience. Our training focuses on the rapid identification of life-threatening injuries, a comprehensive patient assessment and enhanced intervention for better patient outcomes. 

Our training will teach the nursing skills necessary to provide appropriate and early intervention to trauma patients.  The skills stations, which include Trauma Nursing Process, Airway and Ventilation, and Trauma Interventions, give nurses the opportunity to put their knowledge and skills to practice in simulated real-life scenarios.  These hands-on skill stations help you incorporate cognitive knowledge into application of skills in a safe practice environment. 

The  Newcastle TNCC training includes:

  • A systematic approach of the initial assessment
  • Hands on training using both an individual and team approach
  • Intensive training by medical experts in the field
  • A comprehensive TNCC manual 
  • A supportive and engaging environment to learn and practice new skills or refresh skills

Our TNCC training  provides the most up-to-date information for emergency trauma nursing assessment and care.  The corresponding course manual provides evidence-based information and supplements the skills taught in the training.  It serves as a useful resource even beyond the 2 day training.  

Our TNCC class is perfect for newly graduated RN’s looking to gain more experience in trauma care, or for experienced nurses interested in improving their skills or who are moving into trauma or emergency care. 

All nurses who successfully complete the TNCC training and pass the exam and skills evaluation will receive a four year certification card upon completion of the course and are eligible to claim contact hours. 

Convenient TNCC Classes

We provide TNCC trainings  in person at several convenient locations.  We also offer group trainings at your location.  

Newcastle Training offers TNCC classes at the following locations for your convenience: Seattle TNCC classes, Kirkland TNCC classes, Bellevue TNCC classes, Tacoma TNCC classes, Puyallup TNCC classes, Covington TNCC classes, Everett TNCC classes, Auburn TNCC classes and Olympia TNCC classes.  

All our TNCC certification classes are taught by experienced medical professionals who are dedicated to your success.  Students participate in hands-on training giving them opportunities to practice their skills and improve their technique.

We also have the option of providing classes at your location.  Contact us to schedule a training for your workplace or organization. 

Our TNCC training provides the core-level knowledge and hands on, psychomotor skills to provide competent, professional and compassionate nursing care to the trauma patient.  Our classes are interactive and allow nurses to practice what they’ve learned in a supportive environment.  Qualified instructors provide feedback and helpful critique to better patient care and improved outcomes.