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Our Basic Life Support (BLS) courses are taught by emergency medical professionals.  BLS participants will learn the skills necessary to deliver both individual and dynamic team-based AED use, basic airway managment, CPR, and relief of choking in an active an engaging way.

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AHA Basic Life Support is a CPR class designed to provide healthcare professionals the ability to recognize several immediate life-threatening emergencies and intervene in a safe, timely and effective manner.   Professionals will learn the Chain of Survival, critical concepts of high-quality individual and team-based CPR, the differences between adult, child and infant rescue techniques in addition to the following life-saving skills:

  • Automated External Defibrillation (AED)
  • Bag-mask Ventilation Techniques
  • 1- and 2- Rescuer Adult, Child and Infant Relief of Choking
  • 1- and 2- Rescuer Adult, Child and Infant Rescue Breathing
  • 1- and 2- Rescuer Adult, Child and Infant CPR
  • CPR With An Advanced Airway  

Training may be completed by taking a traditional 4 hour classroom course -or- by completing a progressive new 1.5 hour online training program with a 1 hour skills session that features objective feedback technology manikins and a team dynamics exercise.

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Train OnlineOnline TrainingONLINE COURSE (Includes in-person skill session)

HeartCode BLS is a CPR class for healthcare providers that combines convenient online training with expert skills mentoring and dynamic team-based skills practice.   Upon successful completion of the 1.5 hour HeartCode BLS online program, a participant must complete a 1 hour instructor-led skills practice and evaluation session that features objective feedback technologly manikins and a team dynamics exercise.

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Basic Life Support Classes in Kirkland
For Kirkland medical professionals looking to acquire or replenish their BLS certification, Newcastle Training offers frequent opportunities to take their BLS certification classes. Kirkland Washington nurses, EMTs, doctors, and other healthcare professionals working in the medical field have trusted Newcastle’s BLS training instructors to deliver the high quality instruction they need to implement the life saving procedures their jobs require. Whether you are getting BLS certification for the first time, or renewing your BLS certification after many years in the Kirkland WA medical community, Newcastle’s highly trained BLS instructors are dedicated to delivering the necessary information to Kirkland, Redmond, and Bothell BLS class students in an active and engaging way.

BLS Online Classes
Our online BLS training is a great way to expand or refresh your knowledge of life saving procedures, as well as individual and team based procedures, at your convenience. In addition to our classes offered in person in Kirkland, we also offer online BLS classes for students in all areas around Kirkland Washington like Woodinville and Lynnwood. Once you’ve completed your online BLS class, you’ll join a small group of other students for an in-person practice and skills assessment guided by one of our BLS instructors. By offering BLS classes online, we aim to provide training and information to busy professionals in a way that is convenient to them. Because you also get the hands-on review and assessment from one of our trained instructors, you can be sure that your BLS skills are up to standard.

BLS Class Information
Our courses will train you in the most up-to-date basic life support techniques, rescue breathing and choking relief to infants, children, and adults. Certified professionals, who are ardent about helping you gain the knowledge you need to do your job correctly, teach our Kirkland, Redmond, Bothell, Woodinville, and Lynnwood BLS classes. Our Basic Life Support (BLS) classes in Kirkland Washington cover a variety of life saving techniques for a variety of situations. In our BLS classes, you will learn to identify life threatening conditions and act quickly to moderate them. In addition to learning about the American Heart Association Chain of Survival, and other important material, you will also be directed in hands-on techniques to revive and relieve those who are in a critical situation. As part of our Kirkland BLS class, you’ll learn 1-person and 2-person rescuer CPR for adults, children and infants, bag-mask ventilation techniques, and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use. You’ll learn to work alone, and in groups, to provide care to people in life threatening situations. The life saving skills you gain in our Kirkland BLS class will help you perform your job better and assist those in critical need.

BLS Certification Classes
Our classes are designed to engage you while delivering the important information you need to get your BLS certification. After completing one of Newcastle’s Kirkland BLS training courses, you will obtain a two-year AHA BLS card. This certification is necessary for some working in the medical field. Our classes are suitable for first time BLS certification seekers, as well as those individuals looking to renew BLS certification in Kirkland, Bothell, Redmond and the surrounding areas of Woodinville and Lynnwood. Because new recommendations on how to treat and manage life threatening conditions emerge all the time based on continuing research, these classes are designed to refresh the basics of most techniques, while simultaneously providing the most recent information and updates to preferred care methods. Renewing your Washington BLS certification shouldn’t feel like a waste of time.

Our BLS Class Methodology
Individual and group activities are a central focus of our Kirkland BLS classes, where students gain practical skills. Our BLS teachers are highly skilled, dedicated individuals with a passion for imparting lifesaving knowledge to our pupils. Our instructors at Newcastle Training come from a myriad of backgrounds in the medical and healthcare industry. All of our instructors are not only highly skilled medical professionals, but are also dedicated to teaching other medical professionals BLS classes and techniques in Kirkland Washington and the nearby areas of Woodinville, Lynnwood, Redmond, and Bothell. Students under their instruction will learn to recognize and respond to medical emergencies quickly and professionally. Hands-on practice and evaluations are part of all BLS classes, even our online BLS classes. We, at Newcastle Training, want to make sure that you understand not only the information required for BLS Certification, but also the techniques and teamwork required to save a life.

BLS Classes and CPR
CPR for adults, children, and infants is a core component of our BLS training classes for BLS certification in Kirkland. Because of the many alternatives of techniques for breath management and choking relief for people in different age categories, it is important to have a class that emphasizes assessment and treatment of these three distinct groups of patients. In addition to basic airway management, subjects and techniques covered in the Kirkland and Redmond BLS classes, Newcastle puts special emphasis on practicing appropriate responses to a variety of situations with patients of different ages. This BLS class is designed to give students a real world understanding of the situations they may face in the medical field. By staying up to date on BLS certification classes, students commit to providing the best care for those they meet in their line of work.

Kirkland Classes for BLS Certification
After earning your certification from one of our Kirkland, Redmond, Bothell, Woodinville, or Lynnwood BLS classes, you’ll have the confidence to perform your best with the most up-to-date procedures for airway management, CPR and AED, choking relief, and more. No matter what part of the medical field you work in, if you need BLS certification, then Newcastle’s BLS certification class is right for you. Our dedicated team of instructors will give you the hands-on experience you need to successfully apply the latest in life saving techniques. Your AHA BLS certification card is valid for 2 years. When you are trying to once again renew your BLS certification in Kirkland or the surrounding areas, you can trust Newcastle to have a new and engaging BLS class to refresh your skills. Because we are constantly adding more BLS classes to our calendar, you will never have any trouble finding a time to renew your BLS certification. We also offer online BLS classes for those who want to prepare at their convenience. Whatever your chosen method of instruction, Newcastle BLS training classes are a great choice for Kirkland medical professionals.

We offer BLS training in Seattle, Tacoma, and Eastside locations, including Puyallup, CovingtonKirklandEverett, Olympia, Auburn and online.