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Our Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) classes are taught by emergency medical professionals.   PALS participants will learn to systematically assess a patient, identify the problem, and deliver dynamic team-based resuscitation and systems of care that will improve pediatric patient outcome from serious illness and injury.

PALS Training in Covington:

Our classroom is located at Covington Medical Center

Conference Room 2

17700 SE 272nd St

Covington, WA 98042

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Classes
For health professionals in Covington looking to get or renew their American Heart Association PALS certification, our PALS classes are a great way to learn the skills and treatment algorithms for managing pediatric emergencies. Classes are offered frequently in Covington and the surrounding areas of Maple Valley, Black Diamond, and Enumclaw. Each PALS certification class is two days long and taught by qualified PALS instructors. Led by medical professionals, our PALS classes are hands-on and collaborative. Students of our Covington PALS classes learn crucial information on how to recognize and manage pediatric emergencies, and upon successfully completing this course, will receive their PALS certification. Resuscitation team dynamics are also a central focus of this PALS course, with group activities and real-time medical scenarios.

Online PALS Classes
In addition to in-person PALS classes, Newcastle Training offers PALS classes online. These highly informative, online courses are the perfect option for busy medical professionals living in Maple Valley, Enumclaw, and Black Diamond. . This in-person session with an instructor gives students the opportunity to ask important questions and receive instructor reviews. After this evaluation, which typically lasts no more than 60 minutes, students will be awarded a 2 year PALS card. With an approximate total online time of 6 to 9 hours, our online PALS classes can be taken at the student’s convenience, and done at their own pace. Once the online PALS didactic section has been completed, students will schedule a classroom practice and evaluation

PALS Certification Classes
Our Covington PALS classes center around the knowledge and techniques needed to successfully resuscitate children and infants in life threatening emergencies. The care of children in pediatric arrest requires specialized experience. Students learn teamwork skills, as well as treatment algorithms, to successfully treat patients in crisis. In this way, Newcastle Training strives to go above and beyond basic PALS classes in Covington, Black Diamond, Enumclaw, and Maple Valley. At Newcastle Training, our programs are designed to give medical practitioners these skills, as well as hands on practice. Newcastle Training is dedicated to giving you the preparation you need to quickly apply your knowledge and training to critical situations that may arise. Our classes are built around skill stations where small groups will work together on simulated emergencies.

PALS Renewal Classes
In addition to initial PALS certification, our Covington PALS classes are appropriate for anyone looking to renew their PALS certification. As more information emerges about the best ways to care for children and infants experiencing medial emergencies, our PALS classes adapt to reflect the most up to date recommendations for care. Our commitment to providing students with the most current medically supported information means that anyone renewing their PALS certification will receive instruction that is updated, engaging and will best prepare them for critical care of infants and children. . Each of our PALS classes in Covington, Enumclaw, Maple Valley, and Black Valley, will qualify students that successfully complete the course for a 2 year AHA PALS certification card. This certification is required for many working in the Covington medical community, or in professions where they may encounter children in life threatening situations. When renewing PALS certification, this updated information is crucial. PALS renewal classes are not only a good way to learn about the newest approved medical practices- PALS renewal classes are also a great way to refresh techniques and skills used less frequently. Because all of our PALS certification classes are updated with the latest AHA regulations you do not need to search for a special PALS renewal class

Covington PALS Classes
Newcastle Training offers high quality PALS classes in Covington Washington and the surrounding areas of Enumclaw, Black Diamond, and Maple Valley. Our instructors are all medical professionals with first-hand experience regarding the procedures they teach. PALS certification can even be renewed through our online PALS class and a brief, in-person, assessment. No matter which method you use to learn the necessary skills for your PALS certification, you can be sure you’ll understand the most comprehensive and up to date information from Newcastle Training. We offer PALS classes frequently throughout the year at a variety of Covington locations. For Covington medical professionals looking to get or renew their PALS certification, Newcastle Training provides the instruction and information needed in a supportive and collaborative setting. Signing up for a class is easy, and with our variety of times and locations, busy professionals can have a choice of when to renew their PALS certification.

PALS Class Details
If you are a healthcare professional that participates in the care of critically ill children and infants, a PALS certification card may be required by your employer. This certification represents the knowledge of how to manage life-threatening situations for children and infants. You will learn to work individually and with a team to safely revive and care for a child in critical condition. With special equipment and real-time scenarios, Newcastle Training PALS classes will prepare you for real world situations. Our PALS classes in Covington teach the skills required for a PALS certification in a variety of skill stations. During one of our PALS classes you will work with a coach and a team of other students to learn about assessing injuries or conditions and how to implement the correct course of action.

PALS Class Covington
Whether you need to renew your PALS certification, or get your 2 year PALS certification card for the first time, Newcastle Training has the instruction you need, at times that will work for your busy schedule. Our online PALS classes are the perfect resource for someone who wants to work through the course information on their own schedule, at their convenience, and our in-person PALS workshops are great for getting hands-on training from experienced professionals. We work tirelessly to keep PALS classes in Covington up to date with the latest information on regulations and recommendations for treating infants and children. Begin your Covington PALS class registration now to start the process of acquiring or renewing your PALS certification. No matter what your chosen method of instruction is, Newcastle’s PALS training classes will give you the knowledge you need to effectively treat children and infants. Our PALS classes offered in Covington and the surrounding areas of Maple Valley, Enumclaw, and Black Diamond have been a reliable resource for medical professionals since their establishment. Our reputation is built on the success stories of our students and instructors.

We offer PALS training in Seattle, Tacoma, and Eastside locations, including Puyallup, CovingtonKirklandEverett, Olympia, Auburn and online.

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